Whatever you were planning to do today, forget it. The Google fashion/shopping site boutiques.com has landed, and you need to get over there and get your profile going. I just did. It starts out pleasantly enough, with a gallery of looks that you determine to be more or less your style, and a more specific narrowing down of your loves and hates in silhouette, color, pattern, etc. Of course once you do so you're met with a gallery of mostly icky suggestions (available for purchase!) for you to also love or hate, and when you do so it will ask you why you love/hate it, based on brand, color, pattern, silhouette, price, or all of the above. It's driving me crazy that "fabric" isn't a category, and that I can't express that something is just in poor taste. The system seems a little slow on the uptake. After clicking "hate, brand" "hate, brand" repeatedly on items by Diesel and Bebe, it finally allowed me to refine my preferences. I have yet to start exploring other people's boutiques, but I'm hoping to find more things that I like. There is no button for "fine" or "okay, sure" and when you show me 50 black miniskirts that are virtually identical it's hard to muster a firm "love" or "hate." And I don't want to "share" anything that I don't think is remarkable or that really hits me. (I feel like this is going to be a glacial process.) Would love to see where this goes, though, and as it evolves I hope it can easily include smaller online boutiques and etsy shops, vintage shops, etc—you know, things that are actually interesting. Cathy Horyn has a thoughtful article on it this morning that's worth checking out. Read it, then go add cool shit to your boutiques so I can add it to mine! (My profile is under MarjorieSkinner, FWIW). I've never taken the time to participate on other sites like Polyvore or Couturious, but I'm hoping that Google will be worth holding out for as potentially the most far reaching. Okay, off to look for inspiration. Hope to see you there.


I need a button for "I hate brand logos." And about a million other things. "I hate zippers on pants thighs." "I hate plastic shoe soles," etc.