With the holidays are coming up I've been looking for places to get my nails did. I ran into this great website today: It's called Minx Nails, and not only does it have a gallery of examples like this:


... but you can also type in your state/town/city and it'll give you a list of salons that do nail art. I know personally I've had trouble finding places that do stuff like this, so I'm super stoked to check out some of their suggestions.

Here's some of the local results Minx generated:
Bene Spa
Telephone: 503 295 9600
Email: charlotte12000@live.com
Address: 515 S.W. Broadway st.ste 9

The Jayah Rose Salon and Spa
Telephone: (503)282-0708
Email: wwjd4all@yahoo.com
Address: 12 NE Shaver St.

And a couple of other great sites for nail art ideas:
Fuckyeahnailart and this Tumblr