I know that for a lot of people—deals or no deals—especially those who live in close proximity to a mall, the phrase "Black Friday" is code for "barricade yourself in the house with Netflix and whiskey and turkey sandwiches." But! This year's big shopping day is going to be totally righteous on the indie front. In addition to rad events like Clean Up at the Cleaners, many of Portland's most intriguing little shops are getting in on the act with across the board discounts for the day. One such is Sword + Fern. They'll be at the Cleaners with "vintage oddities and special trinkets, some ceramics, possibly a couple of plants in special planters, and then also my jewelry will be sample-sale blowout, with lots of one-of-a-kind pieces. Everything I sell will be under $50," says proprietor Emily Baker. But she's also having someone come in to man the store, where everything will be 20% off. Fans of the store already know how magical Baker's selection is—something from her treasure trove will bring good vibes into the home of any recipient. Or, for added fun, give a curiosity seeker an excuse to come explore for themselves, with a Sword + Fern gift certificate: