More holiday shopping ideas, this time from Radish Underground co-founder Gina Morris! Don't forget to stop in at Radish on Black Friday for 15% off everything in the store. (Prices given are pre-discount.)

"Recycled Sweater Mittens by Preloved (reclaimed material saved from landfills, one-of-a-kind, made in Canada): $22"


"Women's Hipster Thundies by Thunderwear (no elastic, all stretch, organic cotton—the comfy, style-y undies that won't go up your bum!): $22"


"Slightly pricier, but a Radish original!! Wood and Bone Flying Heart Necklace by Radish Underground (hand carved wood and bone on sterling silver chain): $80"


"Assorted Recycled Skateboard Deck and Wheel Earrings by MapleXO (handmade in PDX) $18-$42"


A couple picks for men after the cut!

"Elliott Dopp Kit by Alchemy Goods (Recycled Truck Inner Tube, handmade in Seattle): $32"


"Wary Wooly or Bling Diamond Cuff Links by Frozen Peas Accessories (sterling silver, handmade in PDX): $54"



"Our candles really are one of the best gifts for just about anyone. I make these upstairs at Radish, they are all soy wax with a hemp wick (clean burn/no soot, sustainable, hand poured): Chai Latte, Mulled Cider, and Cinnamon Clove $12 ea. by The Scarlet Oak Candle Co. (made with love upstairs at Radish Underground)."