More killer gift ideas from Portland downtown's West End, where participating shops are offering 15% off all day on Black Friday. This time we've got picks from Jewelie Randall of Flora, a great resource for gift-able treasures for all types. Jewelie breaks it down by recipient-type, noting that these just scratch the surface of her favorites. "Didn't want to overwhelm!" she says. So, for starters (prices given are pre-Black Friday discount):

"Parents and/or bosses/employees: Hammam Tea. So yummy and amazing. Comes in black, green, and red to suit different kinds of tea drinkers. $14 bags/$22 loose leaf tin. We also have infuser cups to brew loose leaf tea from $17 to $25"


"Kids/grandkids: Mini pencils, $5 to $8; botanical nests (made by Space Design, who does the flowers for the Ace Hotel), $12 and $20; message in a bottle, $2; beautifully packaged mini soaps $1.50 to $2.50; rainbow pencil—write a rainbow, $1.50; chocolate mustaches on a stick, $10, made in PDX."



"Bosses, housesitters, teens, secret santa: Horin Incense Assortment—this is the bomb! we all give this as gifts, it's amazing! $20."


"Parents/sweethearts/boss: Tatine candles, $33. Hands down the best candle line available anywhere."


"Sisters/sweethearts/best friends: All natural perfumes, made in house, including two new scents just released: Theo and Cleo. 10mls, $35 in a roll-on."