I'm pretty sick of this whole "recession" thing, aren't you? I mean don't get me wrong, home canning is awesome and everything, but not as awesome as jobs, and money, and people having homes and heat and all that really awesome stuff. So it's necessary, of course, to have a sense of humor in these downer times, although I think Recession Clothing should have a back-up name in their pocket for whenever things get better. Assuming, of course, that things will get better. In the meantime, their hook of an Underwear of the Month Club is practical and lighthearted, and would make an awesome gift for anyone interested in screenprint design, since each month a new pair will arrive in a consistent cut, but with a unique embellishment, like these his 'n' her examples:



And such a deal, such a deal: If you buy a six- or 12-month subscription between now and December 21, they'll thrown in an extra pair of Portland-themed skivvies:



And why yes, those are umbrellas.