While everyone else is busy editing and revising their Best of 2010 lists, in fashion it's always more interesting to look forward rather than back. Each year I invite some Portland style makers to let us in on what they're predicting and looking forward to in 2011.

Barbara Seipp of Phlox Clothing Boutique and the Isaac Hers line:

"Things current that are staying: Everyone who just got into skinny jeans or jeggings can rest easy, these
will still be a must-have through 2011. Also, neutral colors and muted earth tones will continue to dominate: grey, black, taupe, camel."


"Emerging trends: For fall, I think we will start to see the return of bulkier sweaters, chunky, snuggly, and warm. Also, I think we are already seeing, but will continue to see, dresses worn *slightly less* as "everyday" wear and the emergence of more trousers. Trousers, other than denim, have only faintly
been on the scene, but expect more. Yay! While I love dresses, I welcome designing, wearing, and styling more trousers."


"Personally: Expect much more Isaac Hers to be available come fall. The collection is going to grow quite a bit. I am very inspired by my time in Bend and my love of the Oregon high desert. I hope to bring its serene and soothing beauty to the Isaac Hers fall 2011 collection."