If you're smart, you didn't even consider working out on the first, since back when you were still bad in 2010 you gave yourself a nasty hangover. But by now you should be making it stick, like all the other people hitting the gym and raising the humidity levels in Bikram classes all over the city. If you're still looking for a point of entry, The Bhaktishop is offering some great deals. In fact, they've actually lowered their prices for the new year, in addition to their usual three classes per week that are either free or by donation (sorry to blow a hole in your "but I'm broke" excuse). I also went to check out the newish Green Microgym on Belmont. Northeast residents might be familiar with the Alberta location, and the concept. The gym offers all your standard cardio, weight, and resistance training equipment (they're also beginning to offer classes, like a small yoga class and an upcoming spin class, in addition to acting as a location for personal trainers and their clients), but with an innovative twist. The use of the cardio machines generate electricity, helping to lower the amount of the energy consumed by the gym, and keep everyone's costs down.




Altruism aside, they also have a rewards deal with local businesses in the area wherein you are able to cash in your hours on the machines in the form of gift cards. You can literally earn a sandwich at the Grilled Cheese Grill through the time you log working out. But even without the innovations, it's good just to see another gym spring up in inner Southeast (Studio X is another good one), where there has historically been a relative dearth. Hit the break for a couple more shots of the Microgym interior, and find membership rates and information here. And don't stall—they're running a promotion where the next 50 people who join will have a rate of only $30/month for life!