Another small Portland eyewear company has popped up on my radar. Amy Sacks:


Puppy! (The glasses aren't bad either.)

The company is in its growth stage, and looking for people to join their team, so they're hosting a happy hour open house this evening from 4-6 pm where you can check out the product range and find out more about this opportunity they speak of:

We are creating a network of independent sales reps who will market and sell our frames and lenses directly to customers. The idea was born from the success and positive feedback from many home and office parties we've held that allowed customers to shop the entire collection of frames, order their desired lens (single vision Rx, suns, readers or reading suns) and have their glasses shipped to their door. Now with the economy wreaking havoc on so many, we want to share the opportunity with creative people looking to earn or supplement an income. We know that Portland has the ideal people to make this work, we just need to find them.

That sounded like an upscale eyewear version of a Tupperware party to me, so I asked for some more details. Actually I asked them if it was an upscale version of a Tupperware party, and this is what they said:

Tupperware parties did set the standard for direct sales but we want to freshen it up a bit. Men and women, venues beyond the traditional home parties, and product that people really need. For the pay structure, reps earn 25-30% commission on all personal sales (depending on monthly volume). There is a $250 enrollment fee that serves as a security deposit on complete collection (no buying inventory) but honestly if we found a fantastic candidate to whom that was a serious impediment we would be open to discussion.

Hmmm. Need a pair of eyeglasses? Need more income? Go see. They're at 1532 SW Morrison St Suite 1000. Good luck!