Tonight at 6 pm Coco Cárdenas, accessories designer, will be the featured speaker for the Curiosity Club. Watch it live here!

For those unaware of what the Curiosity Club is, allow Hand-Eye Supply to explain:

Ex Curiositas, Scientia. We pledge to learn with out prejudice in pursuit of our mutual goal; perpetual noviceship. We admit that it is impossible to know everything about anything and thus we remain perpetually curious and perpetually novice. Each meeting of the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club will contain a 18-28 minute lecture from a speaker who has an area of knowledge that appeals to the curiosity club.

For those unaware of who Coco Cárdenas is, allow me to explain: Among a varied background of expertise; florist, back-up dancer, costume designer. She now focuses on her handcrafted accessories. She had a very close working relationship with Design House Heatherette, and also created both jewelry and hand bag pieces for Adam Arnold's fall runway show.
Coco's presentation will showcase her work and demonstrations of her creative process including details about materials, techniques and safety advice. She will also highlight resources for materials and information.