Adah Lux
  • Peter Lukaszenko Photography
  • Adah Lux

The Sir Lukas fashion clothes show held at Candy, brought out Portland’s ever-expanding fashion circle. Golden Rule, Adah Lux, and Lux Jewelry were the featured designers. Jessica Lukaszenko, founder of Sir Lukas spoke briefly before the show. She plans to “gather a community together” and support local talent, through her new styling and production company. The energetic crowd waited in curiosity, as the dimly lit room became the runway.

Golden Rule showed neutral colors, mostly black and white. Favoring feminine silhouettes with a hint of bad girl sophistication, these vintage pieces are perfect for a night out on the town. Exciting earrings, fanciful necklaces, and geometric rings by Lux Jewelry complimented the runway looks. To me, the standout piece of the show had to be the pink leopard print dress by Adah Lux The luscious fabric and dramatic draping created a beautiful, yet figure-flattering silhouette. Overall, Adah Lux showed a fantastic array of bold print dresses. The collection was bright, unexpected, and youthful.

I look forward to seeing what kind of response Sir Lukas generates in its future fashion ventures.