At first glance, the web site for Event Cosmetics does not appear geared for everyday use. The home page bullet points "bridal services," "print/television," "prom and senior pictures" suggest, well, events. However when I dropped by a Valentine's Day makeover party/sale thing-y at Mabel & Zora last month and sat in founder and owner Katherine Sealy's chair, I have to say I was really, really impressed. My bossy (but great) aesthetician forbids me to put anything other than mineral makeup on my skin, so for years I've been one of the many in the Bare Escentuals flock. I thought I was happy, even though I knew it didn't photograph all that well, but after trying some of Sealy's own products—I am never going back. Her Event Cosmetic foundation/concealer products are mineral too, but formulated into smooth, dynamic, light reflecting creams. And while the double-wanded tap-tap-tap application is a little wonky on her combo tube of hydrating eye cream and concealer, it is so profoundly effective that I let her get away with some kind of "especially as a writer" comment on why I needed (needed!) this product. Which I bought, and I do need, thanks very much. I've got a whole tub of black gel eyeliner at home for all my cat-eye needs, but if I ever run out I will test her theory that the Event Cosmetics version is even better than the legendary original popularized by Bobbi Brown, because (and seriously she is not bribing me in any way although I might be open to that) she was not kidding when she told me I would absolutely love and adore the products she recommended. And they're reasonably priced too. My must-have eye cream/concealer tube is $20 well spent. The catch is that while an e-shop is in the works, right now you can really only get your hands on their product at Event Cosmetics locations—of which there are now two. The existing one is at 2808 NE MLK, Suite 3, and as of this month they have a second location tucked into Fáda Salon at 615 SW Broadway. (Once you're hooked you can order by phone, fax, email.) They offer free makeup lessons by appointment every Friday from 10 am-5 pm, and today they are having an open house at the MLK spot from 4-8 pm. (It has a Mardi Gras theme, BTW, though I'm not sure how that will play out!) I highly suggest you check out Katherine and her products. She has made me very, very happy.


Katherine Sealy: Founder and badass