Alright so, about a week and a half ago I got engaged, which means I can finally take a different tack next time I write up The English Dept.'s annual bridal show. Heh. We're looking at the midsummer of 2012 for a date, which means I have what at least feels like plenty of time to browse the world of bridal doo-dads, one of the most important of which, of course, is shoes. Because we're kind of picturing an outdoor thing, I may end up (against all odds) in flats so I don't trip on a dirt clod or something. I've also been more attracted to flats than usual lately, perhaps because the pendulum is swinging away from drag queen-worthy ankle breakers all over the shoe world. Anyhow, if you haven't seen it yet, Loeffler Randall just released a bridal line and it can't be coincidental that two of the four styles in the collection are flats. I adore them both (and would and could get plenty of additional wear out of them). My favorites are the metallic Lila:


But the Rowena, which also comes in white, is pretty cute:


And, though technically not part of the bridal collection I think the nude suede Vivan wedges would do just fine:


Although I may also need them in black. Or orange. Oh my.