Meanwhile, in Los Angeles:


Mercury: Last time I saw you was on the runway at Portland Fashion Week (where I also lovingly work!), what have you been up to since then?
Seth Aaron Henderson: I’ve been traveling a lot, doing lectures at colleges, sometimes with Mondo [Guerra]. I’ve also created a few custom gowns. One was for First Lady of Oregon, which she wore to the Governor's Ball.

Tell me about the launch of your RTW line at LA Fashion Week. Project Ethos seems like an interesting combination of fashion, music, and art. What are you looking forward to with the launch of this line?
I was given a sponsorship for this event, [and] it's being held at a great venue, the Avalon, which is a prime location. I didn’t go too crazy with this line. It’s very sellable, very wearable, nothing to translate. The line includes slacks, jackets, dresses, and evening. Overall the line is clean, strong, and modern. [It] will be sold in Portland at Anne Bocci Boutique. There is also interest from boutiques in LA, New York, Sweden, and Canada.

The Pacific Northwest is home to so many creative designers. Do you find that fashion here is more community based then in other big cities such as LA or New York?
Honestly, I just do what I want. I try not to think of who's going to like this, or who’s not, as long as I’m happy with it.

Stay tuned for pics from the debut of Seth Aaron's ready-to-wear line at Project Ethos LAFW...