Right around the corner is one of the freshest and most fun fashion shows of the year, the Art Institute's annual scholarship show and auction, showcasing the fashion designs of graduating students. New names, high energy, and the excitement of curiosity always make for a great night, not to mention the event is a major fundraiser for the school that, while beneficial to all the school's departments, is largely shouldered by the fashion department, which makes me proud of the strength of our up and comers. This year the theme is Fit2Print: "An inspired collaboration between contemporary fashion and graphic design. This one-of-a-kind collection includes dresses made entirely from the show’s sponsor’s upcycled print collateral: A wedding dress assembled from the deconstructed covers of brides magazine; cocktail attire fashioned out of actual 35mm filmstrips; even a Las Vegas showgirl’s costume made entirely of hand-torn paper." It's going down on Saturday, June 4 at Pure Space, with a 6 pm silent auction followed by an 8 pm show. $20 tickets ($100 if you're a VIP) are here, and in the meantime you can drop in for "Dress Rehearsal," a preview installation of the show is on view at The Art Institute of Portland Gallery, 1122 NW Davis St. through May 29. See you there!