Now that OLO has become a household name among fans of locally produced scents, Slumberhouse is poised to add to the competition. The company, which began about six months ago, is available in Los Angeles and Munich, and will soon begin retailing in Warsaw, Vancouver BC, and Moscow. Kind of unbelievably, they've yet to be picked up locally, but I suspect that's soon to change (and you can pick some up on the web site). The assertive extraits take their inspiration from "urban and street culture, art, film and music—especially the new school of hiphop and graffiti artists." They recently sent a batch of samples to the Mercury office, so I recruited a few colleagues to come sniff out which they liked and what they smelled.

The masculine ones:



Me: I wrote "spicy dank whiskey"
Merc staff: "nasty," cinnamon, patchouli ("kind of"), a little bit of vanilla, cedar
Official notes: smokey cade oil, burning autumn woods, cigars in humidors, old leather shoes, fragmented sweet spice



Me: "aftershave, almost minty, DAD"
Staff: "refreshing" (Alison Hallett then pocketed the sample)
Official: Herbs, orris, clove, birch, fir



Me: "salty-spicy-sweet like caramel"
Staff: musky, chocolate, alcohol
Official: whiskey, cocoa, pepper, milk



Me: "anise-y" (my favorite of the masculine scents)
Staff: "smells like Good & Plentys," "all musk," plants, sandalwood, leafy, garden-y, ant spray, black licorice, rye
Official: balsamic woods, sweet metallic oils, smokey black agar woods, syrupy bronze resins

Hit the break for the feminine ones.



Me: "floral, but crisp not saccharine"
Staff: girly, subtle flower with candy kiss, jasmine, rose, sweet, "reminds me of a rich dessert"
Official: crushed grapeblooms



Me: "Clean, fresh" (my fave of the two feminine scents)
Staff: Grandma (in a good way), cleaning products, floral to the nth degree, grandma's bathroom, bubblegum/candy, "like a shoe store: overly fancy"
Official: Candied magnolia, jasmine