Promising a grand opening on Saturday filled with food (from EaT), beer (Widmer), and live music (1776), the latest store to spring up on NW 23rd (which has been in need of some fresh, independently owned blood for some time) has a lot to celebrate. (RSVP for the shindig here.) Reveille promises "highest quality" vintage alongside international indie lines like Samantha Pleet, Seneca Rising, Stone Cold Fox, Mr. Freedom, Opening Ceremony, Alice by Temperly, Sugar Cane, Wings + Horns, and Heritage Research. That list implies some crossover with other westside stores (most notably Frances May), but the West End and Nob Hill are strong enough retail destinations that there should be room enough for both to happily coexist. Another bit of good news" Reveille will cater to both women and men. Cheers to that.