Gentlemen: Wedding season is upon us, and if you are reaching the years of your life during which each year brings with it a three-wedding minimum, it is absolutely worth it to invest in a real suit. It's tempting to fink out and hit the Men's Warehouse, but if you go that route, at least spring to have it custom tailored to fit, and avoid synthetic fabrics (they tend to shine). You know all the cracks about cheap suits in movies? They're true. People can tell. Another economical route is vintage, of course, and Portland is lucky to be blessed in that department, Avalon (410 SW Oak) being the gold standard. If you're ready to go big time, Adam Arnold's custom suits can't be beat, and Duchess has built a solid reputation for its quirky menu of suit selections, representing a variety of historical eras (cool guys like Ian Svenonius are fans). They've recently added a new suit to the menu, called Mr. Famous, which strikes me as a particularly versatile option. It's sold as separates (jacket, vest, pants) so you can mix and match if you must, but I love the look of it all together: