In a city saturated with independent artists, it's no simple thing to make a name for yourself as a jewelry designer. Every week the boutiques of Portland host trunk shows and meet 'n' greets with regional jewelry makers, but few of them have anything truly visionary to offer. Grayling has established itself as one of the exceptions, with designer Katy Kippen's prolific work appearing in a wide network of shops in Oregon, California, and beyond. This all was achieved in phases, of course. Many first met Kippen as the manager of the now-defunct Nolita boutique in the Pearl district, where a small selection of her work was available. After splintering off to pursue her line in a shared SW Portland studio, a year ago Kippen was able to move into a space all her own, and it's there that she's flourished. This week marks the one-year anniversary of the move, and all are invited to celebrate this Friday evening with drinks and bites from 6-9 pm. If you've never been by the Grayling studio, chockablock with Kippen's large gemstone creations (or meet the hilarious artist herself), don't miss this opportunity to do so.