A shot across the bow regarding a lingerie event coming down the pipe: Jane's Vanity is gearing up to host Seattle's Toad Lillie couture line of lingerie, designed by Laurie Shapiro. The official description reads:

Inspired by vintage couture gowns of the '30s-'50s, Toad Lillie transforms sumptuous silks into romantic and flattering pieces that will make you (and your lover) swoon! Couture construction on this luxurious handmade label includes ruching, narrow rolled hems, french seams and silk gussets ensuring these lovelies feel as lush as they look. All items are truly bespoke, made to measure and sewn individually by hand for a truly special treat. The name Toad Lillie comes from a charming woodland flower which somewhat resembles an exotic orchid. Most people are unaware of them, but once discovered they are completely unforgettable. Like their namesake, Lillies are based on flowers. Flowers are unabashedly sexy - with intoxicating layers that both conceal and reveal - rich, glossy petals with ruffled edges and alluring centers with intricate come-hither stamens.

On August 27, Shapiro will debut the sophomore Toad Lillie collection, which Jane's Emily Tate declares is "one of only a handful of truly beautiful Pacific Northwest produced lingerie lines." Come see what's been growing in our backyard.