Portland's Museum of Contemporary Craft does a pretty bang-up job of earning the continued use of "Contemporary" in its name, continuously making a point of engaging with the up and coming generation of makers, most of who grew into it with their eye on punk/DIY culture and few expectations of acknowledgement from the often-moldy institutions of Craft. One ongoing way in which they are connecting visitors of the permanent collection with Portland's current craft culture is through a series of monthly pop-up collaborations, creating a store-within-a-store in the museum sales gallery. August features the perfectly natural choice of Crafty Wonderland, which will hone down the wide selection available at its downtown store (802 SW 10th) to feature 12 favorites: Amira Mednick, Anna Joyce, Appetite, Berkley Illustration, Bird's Eye View Studio, Lisa Johnston-Smith, Lori Shippy, Moss Handmade, Neeka Knits, Olbapi!, Snap, and Woolie Originals. The pop-up will be up and running through the 27th of this month, and this Thursday is the opening reception from 6-8 pm.

Clay and yarn earrings by Neeka Knits
  • Clay and yarn earrings by Neeka Knits

Also, Crafty Wonderland will begin taking applications for its annual giant holiday sale beginning in September, so keep your eyes peeled here and here to get the jump.