Do: Try milkmaid braids. This easy style is fun, flirty and great for those sticky summer days. Plus, they help protect your scalp from the sun!
1. Start by parting your hair down the middle into two even low ponytails.
2. Braid each pony. Extra points for adding fabric or colorful ribbons.
3. Sweep each braid up and around the top of your head to create a crown like braid.
4. Secure with bobby pins and smooth over any strays for the look of one continuous braid. Finish with a spritz of hairspray


Don't: Cake on the foundation. Ladies don't melt your face off, switch over to a tinted moisturizer. My favorite is by Laura Mercier lightweight, moisturizing and it has SPF 20 in it. Another really great, mineral based (and local) option is offered by Event Cosmetics.


Do: Rock some seriously bright lipstick. Hot pink, sherbet orange, and cherry red are the perfect statement for summer. Pair with barely there eye make-up and a hint of bronzer.


Don’t: Skip the mani/pedi. If you’re low on funds it’s always fun to have your girlfriends over for a little sun and nail painting. If you can head to the salon, try shellac, my best friend (who is a barista and extra tough on her mitts) swears by it. This special polish stays put for up to two weeks with virtually no chipping. One of the local salons that offers shellac is Lace. Varying shades of blue, from robin’s egg to deep turquoise, add an unexpected pop of color.


Do: Employ the help of dry shampoo. It’s summer, live a little and sleep in. No one will ever know you skipped your morning rinse with the help of Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair. Spray onto roots and work through greasy locks until the product is fully absorbed. Works great for a variety of hair colors and textures.