Diggin' through bins for your threads is great: it encourages our latent hunting instinct with that delicious rush of post-savings seratonin. And Palace, a top-notch SE vintage store, is providing us with some fresh prey at their Sidewalk Sale from 12-6 tomorrow. Handmade necklaces, vintage tees, perfumes, dresses—all of it generously organized into $1, $5, or $10-30 bins outside the Palace itself for our predatory pleasure.

Yo Vintage! and a few designers are teaming up with Palace for this sale, so you'll be heading home with some top-notch spoils for a price that'll dazzle you. Also, groove to some reggae and suck on a Sol Pop while you're at it.

Seneca Rising shirt
  • Seneca Rising shirt

Hero Crane shirt
  • Hero Crane shirt