Looking on the bright side of things (because what other choice do we have), the late-arrival of Portland summers can save you a lot of money. For instance! travel to tropical destinations during the low seasons for tourists is much cheaper, and getting out of dodge in May or even June-uary for sunshine therapy is a totally legit move. Also! Summer merchandise goes on sale much sooner than you'll be done wearing it (I stoically stick to bare legs until early December at least). And so the wonky ass changing seasons bring us to the next edition of the Portland Collective Sale, a one-shot deal where those who come early and can handle the crowds will be rewarded with a bounty of bargains as stores at the mercy of the retail cycle frantically offload to make room for fall coats and sweaters. This time around the lineup (Shop Adorn, AK Vintage, Betsy & Iya, Brenda Dunn Art, Folly, Isaac Hers, Lizard Lounge, Parts + Labour, Radish Underground, Seaworthy/She-She, and Zella Shoes should have something for just about everyone.