You win some and you lose some, and while it's always a bummer to report when a local business closes its doors, Covet isn't giving up the ghost altogether. As they quietly announced on their Facebook page back in late July, they're relinquishing their primo spot in the West End in favor of concentrating on the expansion of their online sales. It's a common half step backward taken by shops to reduce the overhead it takes to lease and staff a brick 'n' mortar when a significant portion of their income comes from online sales. The potential problem, though, is that if a shop doesn't remain visible people forget about it. And so as Covet sallies forth it will be important for them to step up their self-promotion game (something they've been historically relatively minimal about). Otherwise we might have to talk about another local business being gone gone.

Dont break the chain: A Zoe Chicco bracelet from Covet.
  • Don't break the chain: A Zoe Chicco bracelet from Covet.