It seems like every time I pick up a fashion magazine, the style gods are declaring that menswear is in, as if it ever really could be out. But the theory goes that especially in tough economic times like this one, lads are returning to the polished masculinity of glamorized olden days, when everyone had a job and a tailored three-piece.

And to my great delight, now more than ever liberated ladies are dressing up and dressing down in suspenders, loafers, fedoras, and my personal favorite number to steal from the boys, neckties. We’ve come a long way from Avril Lavigne, folks.


Whether you are looking to add an extra-special tie to your already huge collection, or are just starting to pay attention to the style needs of your throat, you should get to Breedom Public Sewing House. Breedom is offering a Make a Tie class on Saturday, September 10th 11am-1pm for $30, which includes supplies. The class is a part of Breedom’s Man Up and Sew series, because sewing isn’t just for girly girls—it is a trade, a skill, and an art form, therapeutic and fun! Dapper ladies with a flair for menswear are welcome to join the class too, where everyone will learn the invaluable skills of how to pattern, cut fabric on a bias, work with interfacing, and hand stitch like a champ. Plus, you leave with a snazzy new tie.