Golden Rule is seriously serious about paring down their massive, amazing vintage selection to a bare amount that they will be able to fit in their soon-to-be basement private showroom/e-commerce gallery. They're throwing things off the boat at $1-10, including "All the silk, linen, cotton and wool we're known for, the unique objects and housewares from our inventory, four racks of 1960s-1990s vintage dresses, skirts and blouses, two floor-to-ceiling shelves of jeans, shorts, and slacks, lots of cozy winter sweaters and jackets, 15+ Ikea bags of contemporary clothing." As a bonus, if you "like" them on Facebook and are signed up/sign up for their newsletter, they'll chop your total in half. Time to stock the eff up.


The sale only runs until 6 pm today, so cancel your lunch plans and head to the "Wee House"—you can find the address here.