Here's how it works: Joshua Buck designed a collection for Chicago Harper, the menswear extension of Sharon Blair's Studio SKB womenswear line, the last season of which was designed by Bryce Black. A lot to keep straight, I know. As Buck explained it when I stopped by the photoshoot for the collection (shot by Christine Taylor) yesterday, it was Blair's inspiration to begin the creative process by thinking about the 1930 Marlene Dietrich film Morocco.


This is the collection that Buck will be promoting at Content, as well as during Portland Fashion Week's annual "Catapult" Emerging Designer Competiton.*

Thats Blair on the left and Buck on the right. The model is actually Blairs nephew!
  • That's Blair on the left and Buck on the right. The model is actually Blair's nephew!

These two looks are my favorites, especially the blue plaid pants. The shirt under the white tailed (!) jacket is the same pattern in a different colorway. Unfortunately you can't see the detail well here, but I promise it's worth a closer look.


Someone should have a summer wedding in this suit, even if the wedding's not in Morocco.


* Full disclosures: I'm on the production team for Content, as well as one of the judges of the Catapult competition.