Moonwoods will be premiering their new collection, titled "EARTH RISE" at Content on October 1. That means you can see it first, which makes you cool and in the know. Here's what Moonwoods has to say about Moonwoods:

What inspirations are you drawing from for your room in Content?
The inspiration for our installation explores perspective. With optics there is a literal translation of perspective through empirical observation. In art the viewer's perspective is skewed by what they bring to the work. We hope to exaggerate the dichotomy between the two and document the viewers/wearers reactions with photographs posted live to our site during the event.


What are the three most important things to you as a designer?
Material, process, ethics, community, and collaboration. Sorry, [that's] five, but that's it.


What materials are you working with right now? Why?
We are working with hardwoods harvested from sustainable tree farms, distributed in Portland. Wood is unmatched in beauty, burns from within, tells a story, and is alive. All human beings share rudimentary DNA with trees. How the wood was harvested is the soul of our craft.


What is unique about Portland's fashion community?
It's a community, we barter, we trade. We give back and grow together. Portlanders are not herd animals,
we are inspired by the unexpected.


Why do you choose to live/work/show here?
The air is rarefied and magic. The community is gifted and discerning. Long tradition of craft, access to exquisite materials.


What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothes or accessories?
Anyone who wants the frame through which they view the world every day to reflect how they live within it.