Better Late Than Never
Designer: Sara Ddudzinsky

What inspiration are you drawing from for your room in Content?
The inspiration for my room is loosely drawn from natural history museum displays. Arrow heads arranged in elaborate patterns, gem stones arranged by color and size. But all with minimal backgrounds so you can still really appreciate the pieces themselves.


What are the three most important things to you as a designer?
Some of the things that are most important to me as a designer: Quality. I push myself the make the best product that I can for my customers. Keeping myself excited and interested in what I'm working on. I feel it really helps the work to retain a freshness that everyone can feel when the designer themself is truly excited about their work. And also to continue to learn and try new things. Not everything will affect your work, of course, but you never know what will inspire you.


What materials are you working with right now? Why?
I am currently working a lot with natural gems and crystals. I really enjoy using uncut stones because they are all unique. Every crystal has a different shape, and it makes them very interesting to work with. Especially because I make all pieces by hand myself.


What is unique about Portland's fashion community? Why do you choose to live/work/show here?
One of the ways I feel Portland Fashion community is unique is because it is exactly that, a community. The atmosphere here is one more of support than competitiveness. That's a big reason why I love working here. Over the five years I have lived and worked here I have developed friendships with some amazing designers and shop keepers. I also just love Portland. The restaurant scene, the beautiful landscape, the climate—yep, I don't mind the gray and the rain. I come from Cleveland originally and it's just as gray, but I would take the rain over the snow any day.


What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothes or accessories?
I like to think that all types of women wear my jewelry. I try to design my collections to include some everyday pieces as well and some larger statement pieces. I feel this way there is something in my collections for just about everyone.


Content will take place Saturday Oct 1 at the Ace Hotel. Complete info here.