CONTENT '11 was a blast.

The rooms ranged from Isaac Hers' cozy beach bonfire (complete with a cooler of Pacificos) to Haunt's moody installation, which walked the line between dream and nightmare. Pattern People made things personal with a surreal peep-show, and Rad Summer lowered my blood-pressure instantly with their dreamy, underwater oasis where a keyboardist lulled a treefrog-model to sleep.

It was a sensory workout, since several designers incorporated scent into their rooms: Frocky Jack Morgan presented her fragrance collection of crystals balanced on the back of a white wolf, and across the hall Tanner Goods filled noses with the warm smell of leather (and perhaps a trace of whiskey?) Duchess Clothier's room just smelled like trouble—it was trashed in a manner that would make Billy Idol feel inadequate.

Enjoy a trip through recent-memory lane with these photos, or feel awful for missing out if you didn't see it in person.

CONTENT: Ace Hotel Hallway

Isaac Hers

Frocky Jack Morgan

Tanner Goods

Duchess Clothier

Dawn Sharp

Sara Bergman

Carly Mick & Susanna Hohmann

Portland Garment Factory

Andy Lifschutz

Student Stylists

Rad Summer

Better Late Than Never

StudioSKB/Chicago Harper


Pattern People

Chromium Dumb Belle & Ryan Mitchell Boyle
  • Minh Tran
  • Chromium Dumb Belle & Ryan Mitchell Boyle

Content Pop-Up Shop

Gretchen Jones