It is time for another roundup of Etsy shops by Portland artists. Since there is an overwhelming amount of cool crafts coming out of this city, each roundup will center itself around a different theme. Last time, we found a few shops with Asian-inspired designs. This week, it's all about Industrial designs.

Palindrome Circus is Hannah Brownlee's shop featuring jewelry made from reclaimed and recycled materials that she scoops up from local estate sales and antique stores. It is a understated, sophisticated Steampunk style. You're gonna think twice before throwing out that broken watch now, huh?

Recycled Watch Hardware Earrings

Crescent Moon Watch Part Necklace
  • Palindrome Circus
  • Crescent Moon Watch Part Necklace

Delia Furniture : a studio in Portland where artists Ivan McLean, Jason McLean, and Kendall Lecompte take cold, hard steel and have their way with it to make some really gorgeous furniture, some showing off the strong, solid lines, and others releasing into graceful curves. The studio also offers welding classes, which would up your cool points by like a thousand.

Steel Panel Bed (Queen Size)
  • Delia Furniture
  • Steel Panel Bed (Queen Size)

Wood Grain Bed of Steel and Cedar

Now toughen up, shop handmade, shop local, wear gears from your ears, and sleep in steel.