Movie theater floor

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How-to: Grab a black unitard, sweatpants, or whatever you have on hand, then think of all the gross things on a movie theater floor like popcorn, used gum, candy wrappers, and ticket stubs. Use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to adhere.

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

  • out of order

How-to: I would go with the opening scene look, matching '90s plaid skirts, knee socks, a big hat for D, and furry bag for Cher. Don’t forget to drop phrases like “As if” and “Totally buggin’.”

Nicki Minaj

  • Soulful Beauty

How-to: Lots and lots of butt padding, plenty of hot pink, bright wigs, and a badass attitude are all key to completing this look. Doll yourself up with loads of lashes, bubblegum pink lips/nails, and don’t forget the animal print. Move over Snooki and Lady Gaga—it has been reported that Ms. Minaj is one of the most googled Halloween costumes this year.


  • hannari tofu

How-to: For all you veggies out there, tofu is a great choice for this year's festivities. All you need to do is paint a big cardboard box white and then draw on your favorite tofu brand’s label.

Child bride Courtney Stodden

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How-to: Wear your most revealing outfit with six-inch white go-go boots and you’ll be good to go. Try the get-up that got the duo kicked out of the ol’ pumpkin patch! Bonus if you can get your guy to go with you as Doug Hutchinson.

Portland tourist

  • get sconed

How-to: Grab a big box of Voodoo Doughnuts, a map, umbrella, camera, and cargo shorts. Add a dash of confusion and you’re all set.