Despite the many years since I relocated to the Pacific Northwest from warmer climes, I always seem to be short on sweaters. Or is just that you can never really have too many sweaters around here? I think, the latter. We're fortunate enough to have several excellent sources of to-die-for-sweater producers locally (as I'm continuing to discover), that bust up the mildly boring endeavor of sweater shopping—I say boring because if you're looking for natural fibers they tend toward the pricey, so you're probably looking for one piece in a versatile neutral... kinda boring. But if there's one place that always, always gets me really authentically excited about sweaters, it's Souchi.

It's the cashmere-centric retailer's time to shine—as they're now doing with two additional shops in (makes sense) Colorado—so I took a spin through to see what's new. Here are the top pieces that caught my eye, from a winning bolero to full-body Souchi experience cat suit!