Do you have weird friends? Do you have normal friends who could use a dose of weird? Do you need something with googly eyes and a squishy belly to keep you company this winter? I thought so. Look no further—Portland's Etsy has you covered.

Sock monkeys have a long, kitschy history for crafty folks- their weird popularity has endured since the 1950s. But it only takes one visit to Disarming Harmony, the Etsy shop of local artist Jace Devine, to know that all monkeys are not created equal. She costumes her monkeys as Portland hipsters, trashy diner waitresses, S&M couples, zombies, and more. Devine puts it best when she says, "Not meant for children. Unless your children are this cool." They are meant to be the perfect gift for that person on your list who prefers their vintage nostalgia a little more naughty than nice.

Arlo, Hipster Sock Monkey
  • Disarming Harmony
  • Arlo, Hipster Sock Monkey

Terry & Marge, S&M Monkey Couple

Over at Hilary Schindel's shop Curious Smitten, there live some precious plushies. Kooky, cute, squishy, colorful—these are all adjectives that are very welcome as stocking stuffers for kids or kids-at-heart.

Ralph, Cyclops Plushy
  • Curious Smitten
  • Ralph, Cyclops Plushy

For that girl who would rip the head off a Barbie doll, there is Sock'em Down Dolls Universe by Kelly "Kitty" Davis. A Derby Girl is nothing without her socks, so what better than Derby Dolls made from Derby socks?

Teaky Sneaky Roller Derby Dolls
  • Sock'em Down Dolls
  • Teaky Sneaky Roller Derby Dolls