I've mentioned before Siljan, the new Portland-based web shop and studio with a focus on contemporary Scandinavian design for men and women, but recently I've been checking out their in-house line of accessories. It's an area in which they plan to continue to expand, and well they should. Supple leathers with horsehair detailing, fluffy nubs of fur—vegan friendly it is not, but it is perfect for fans of that brand of luxury, especially now. Still developing their brand identity, price points for the pieces are extremely accessible for this kind of made-in-Portland quality. All the more so because they're having a sale, bringing prices down to amazing lows. Take this fully lined lambskin shoulder bag with horsehair tassle:

I rarely see something like this made in the U.S. for less than $300. Their price? $175! And the sale price? $140!! And that is what you call an "insane" deal, folks, and this incidentally is also the highest priced item in the line. I do believe you'd pay even more for that at H&M, except it would be made out of some disgusting fake-y petrol product. Even a simple brass and rabbit fur key chain clip cool enough to make me want to dump all of the tchotchkes cluttering up my chain (all except for you, Oregon Lottery mini-skateboard/bottle opener, you can stay) will run you all of a whopping $12. If you want to impress someone this holiday season and look like you spent a hell of a lot more money than you did, I can not imagine a bigger gimme of an opportunity to do so.