Portland's most adorable, fun-loving plus-size vintage and contemporary clothing boutique, Fat Fancy, is coming up on the big four of birthdays, planning a big rock 'n' soul-themed dance party Saturday, January 7th at Crush Bar with DJs Action Slacks and Bruce LaBruiser. It's also doubling as a fundraiser to "take Fat Fancy to the next level," which in this case means getting set up for online sales. Most of the boutique owners I know depend on their web sites for at least a quarter of their revenue; I couldn't imagine trying to survive without one. Sure, rent downtown is expensive and they face all the same challenges of any small business, but Fat Fancy's mission is a unique one, and one that most disenfranchised plus-sized young people don't have to turn to, and this would give 'em a stab at getting a slice of Fat Fancy's queer-enthused, body-positive ball of wax. They've made a cute little IndieGoGo video, which you can check out here and make a donation if you please.