As you know, you can't swing a Chanel bag in this town without hitting a designer who's appearing or has appeared on a fashion reality show. Tonight yet another PDX designer hops onto your TV screen; Tony Peniche who may have a bit of a questionable design past, but has nevertheless shown much improvement. He's on a brand new show debuting tonight at 10 pm on Lifetime entitled 24 Hour Catwalk—which sounds like an evening in Amsterdam's red light district, but it's not. In this show, designers are given the near impossible task of building an entire collection in 24 hours. THIS IS A STUPID IDEA FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, AND HAS NO REASON TO EXIST. On the other hand? A little spoiler bird tells us that Tony causes a heapin' helpin' of trouble in tonight's episode... so.... fuck it, let's pop some corn and watch.

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