Based right here out of Portland, Poler Camping Stuff has been gaining a steady buzz among fashion and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Blending essential camping/hiking/active gear with a fashionable and innovative new twist has allowed Poler to embark on a whole new gang of adventure seekers. Think of REI’s much cooler, younger brother with a dash of Portland’s signature outdoorsy hip vibe. One of their raddest products has to be the The Napsack, which from what I understand is a hybrid between a sleeping bag and a puffy jacket. Perfect for music festivals, camping trips, or just general tomfoolery, The Napsack runs headphones internally, has a pocket for your phone, and the ability to pretty much never have leave your sleeping bag. Other products include The Duffaluffagus, The Man Tent, and wide variety of apparel products. Shop the entire selection here, and locally at Dunderdon.

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