Curses, curses. On the Pin-Me Apparel blog today:

Pin Me Apparel has lots to be thankful for, thankful for all of the great memories, and the best clientele any little store could ask for. We have loved meeting you and your families and we have loved sharing our dream of a little store on North Mississippi Ave. We have been honored to be a part of this community and have loved watching it grow and become home to so many amazing small businesses. Please remember to patronize all of these places, as the small business is the heart of our community. So, Pin Me will be closing its doors January 28th, 2012, and until then come visit and get some great deals off of some amazing products.

The good news is that this means some big bargains. Here is the closure sale schedule:

30% off everything January 13th-15th
CLOSED Monday January 16TH
40% off January 17th- 20th
50% off January 21st-22nd
CLOSED Monday January 23rd
70% January 24th-26th
The End.

Boo. Stay tuned for more about what led up to this decision.