• Supportland

Supportland, first mentioned here, is a steadily expanding program, which offers incentives for buying local. The brainchild of Michael and Katrina Scotto di Carlo, these Portlanders saw a need for one card to take the place of all those pesky punch cards. Each time you shop at one of the participating businesses (101 of them!), you earn points. With these points you can purchase specific products or services offered by the participating businesses. An Iphone App with a map of the Supportland network is currently in the works, in the meantime you can set-up an account here, or pick up your very own free Supportland card at any of the participating businesses. Earn 15 points for patronizing a new business and 5 for hitting up your usual faves. The Supportland family includes boutiques, restaurants, classes/events, and services. Cargo, Crafty Wonderland, Food Fight! Grocery, and Common Ground Wellness Center are all a part of Supportland, just to name a few. For a complete list and for more information about Supportland click here. If you are a local business owner interested in joining click here.