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The other day I was sitting in my apartment and glanced at the piles of magazines, books, and general clutter that had built up over the holidays. I thought to myself it’s time for some rearranging. It was then I remembered the wise advice of one of my favorite college professors Linda Cahan. A visual merchandising expert who taught at FIT in New York for years, Ms. Cahan is also a psychic counselor, healer and author of Feng Shui for Retailers. Her energy is magnetic and her classes were endlessly inspiring. Long story short it was time for a refresher course.

Can you tell me about the power of mirrors and the importance of their placement within your living space?

Linda Cahan: Mirrors double what they reflect so one of the old ancient Feng Shui beliefs is that if you place the mirror over your burners it will double your luck because food is a blessing. This is very difficult to do it because it gets greasy, so sometimes it’s better to do things more symbolically. Mirrors should be high enough so it doesn’t cut anyone off at the head. When mirrors are not placed high enough it makes people feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. A mirror should always be positioned above your head so you (symbolically) have room to grow. If for instance, you’ve got a mirror reflecting your kitchen and its always messy you should keep the kitchen more organized.

What are a few easy tips anyone could do to improve the overall balance and energy of their space?

Clear out the clutter! Clean your room, essentially the minute you clean closets, organize drawers, and get rid of those piles of stuff it will be like your space is breathing again. Rather than the energy flowing freely, clutter traps the energy and when you remove it will instantly create a better balance in your space. For someone who is organized and neat—look at the center of your living space. No matter where the center is this is where the balance of your home is defined. This is where you want to put something that is symbolic of what balance means to you. For some people that is the yin and yang, a loving viable home life combined with a prosperous work life. You can write your intention down, make a collage, or find a photo of what balance means to you. It is also good to bring in natural elements like plants or rocks into this space.

What is one of the most common and easily fixed issues within Feng Shui?

People create awkward spaces for themselves. Try to create a more human friendly environment, avoid sharp angles (poison arrows). Where do you avoid or have to be careful in your living space? For instance if you are cramped in your workspace, alleviate the space by clearing out the clutter and giving yourself more room to be comfortable.

If you are focusing on one area of your life, for instance love life, career, or your finances, how can you put extra attention on that specific sector to help it grow?

First know the sector, (click here to see a diagram/direction of each sector) and then you can determine what’s important to you. For instance, if you want to highlight your relationship sector you may want to do a collage or write down something you want to create for yourself. The intention is a symbolic ritual that is all about your intention to create something positive in your life. This becomes a very powerful unconscious signal to your higher self that this is what toy want to attract. You are essentially giving yourself a blueprint.

How does clutter affect energy flow? What can one do to remedy this issue?

It’s the prospect of de-cluttering your entire place feels daunting or insane just do your sock drawer. Try doing one area at a time! Just 15 or 20 minutes a day and your life will change.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Linda will be hosting a ‘Finding the Love of Your Life’
workshop on Sunday at the New Renaissance Bookshop from 2pm-5pm. Linda’s husband Chris Stopa who is an energy healer will also be on hand looking at energy levels and where you hold stress and anxiety in relationships. Register here, cost $35. For more info click here.