There’s no better time to be fruzz free then the lovers holiday know as Valentine’s day. Waxing is a pretty personal thing, so it is important to find someone you trust because lets be honest nobody likes a crooked eyebrow. This might be TMI, but one of my friends who shall remain unnamed happily proclaims that her favorite day of the month is box waxing day. On that note here are a few places that are dedicated to providing the best wax possible.

  • Urban Waxx

Urban Waxx boasts that they do over 10,000 Brazilians a year! With locations in Northwest and Tanasbourne, Urban Waxx offers a full menu for whatever your waxing needs may be. Book here.

  • Wax On

Wax On Spa has outposts in Seattle, Portland, and Boulder offers Queen Bee (ladies) and Worker Bee (gents) waxing menus. They even provide a little liquid courage to take the edge of pre-wax. Wax On has two Portland locations- East Burnside and North Williams. Book here

  • Be Smooth

Be Smooth in the Pearl offers walk-in, quick and affordable appointments. I’ve run in on a few occasions before an event and had no problem getting right in or waiting a few minutes. The prices are among the cheapest in town, brow and lip are both $13. The set-up is pretty out in the open, with chairs set up in the main area of the space. So if you’re a little shy you may want to request a room in advance. Book here.

  • Bare

Bare on Belmont offers a frequent waxers card, get 5 punches and your 6th wax is free. They’re cute bikini talk menu offers options like the “southeast” and the “barekini.” Bare also offers custom facials and oxygen treatments. Click here to book.