Okay, I saw this on Portland Picks (insert joke about cocktails, getting fat, buying jeans, silly men, etc.), and they're right, it's an ingenious idea. It's the yoga pu-pu platter! A smattering of yoga classes from dozens of studios around Portland, this sampler idea is called Passport to Prana. For $30 you can attend one yoga class from places like the Bhaktishop (my favorite!), the Bikram joints around town, Root (the fanciest with their complimentary sauna!), and the enchanted-seeming Movement Center (that crazy big building right off NE Sandy tucked in behind the oil-change garage). I'm already a sampler of yoga places around town, so I'm going to put my dilettante skills to use for the benefit of MOD's yogis by going to all of Passport to Prana's studios (but maybe not the out-of-town ones—I refuse to drive to Vancouver for vinyasa). Then I'll report back on a weekly basis about my yoga travels.