Portland Sewing has only been around for a couple of years, but it's distinguished itself by going above and beyond the basics of sewing and pattern making to guide aspiring Portland designers toward making an actual living while remaining independent. This Sunday they've got a special guest instructor, Gina Morris of Radish Underground, giving practical advice about how to actually get your work onto the racks of stores (not as straightforward as it would appear).

Gina will take you through the five mistakes most designers make and how to turn them around to make a negative into a positive on such things as:

• Communication. How and when to approach the store and how to stay in touch.
• Presentation. What items stores expect to see to explain and help sell your line.
• Quality, particularly fit and finish, so the garments are ready for purchase.
• Scheduling. What to show the store and when.
• Delivery. Making promises, making them stick and what happens if you don’t.

The class will take place this Saturday at Portland Sewing from 2-5 pm and cost $48.