I love—I mean love—shoes, and I have all my life. It is with embarrassing frequency that I remember the shoes someone was wearing when we met, and not their name. And yet, sneaker collecting as a worthwhile hobby totally escapes me. It is a world in which the ugliest objects are the most prized, and in which "foamposite" isn't something that needs to be lanced:

Horrible, right? And yet, 80 people are currently camping outside a New York Foot Locker in anticipation of the privilege of forking over $220 for them. "I’m losing a whole paycheck to come here," declared one Henry Albarez. "We have peanut butter, beef jerky and like, five liters of water.” They tried to put up tents, but the police nixed 'em. Note: it is currently 42˚ in NYC.
Apparently, the motley crew of sneaker freaks arrived on Saturday, and have been waiting outside ever since, in order to snap up one of Nike‘s new Foamposite Galaxy shoe. To be clear, the shoe does not arrive stores until Friday. Yep, as in almost a week away from when they began camping out.

Wow, that's really gonna suck, especially without any semblance of shelter. So there must be something pretty great about it.
In all fairness, these aren’t your regular sneaks: The Foamposite Galaxy costs $220, is made out of high tech ultra-durable foamposite material and has a sole that glows in the dark. According to the paper, “the waxed canvas upper allegedly simulates an astronaut’s training suit.”

Nope. Still don't get it. Explain.