Independent New York jewelry designer Erica Weiner makes affordable vintage inspired jems with a sense of humor. I was first introduced to her line when I received an adorable little heart necklace from one of my besties as a graduation present and I’ve been rocking it everyday since. Called the Sweetheart Necklace, these hearts can have just about anything inscribed on them mine says, “baby monk” on one side (it’s long story but a term of endearment in my tribe) and “follow your bliss” on the other. Weiner has also just released the Heartbeats Necklace that has memorable lyrics from her favorite songs including R. Kelly, Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, more. Erica Weiner is more than just necklaces though; she makes a wide variety of bracelets, earrings, rings, wedding jewelry, and more. She even has a pin called the "Put a Bird On It" Pin Trio which is obvi in reference to that show they film here. Erica Weiner is carried locally at Cassidy Jewelry and Moule, click here to shop her lovely collection, or perhaps place a custom order of your own.

Items I’m lusting over:

Heartbeats Necklace
  • Heartbeats Necklace

Name Bracelets 5-pack
  • Name Bracelets 5-pack

Beetle Earrings
  • Beetle Earrings

Double-Headed Serpent Ring
  • Double-Headed Serpent Ring

1930s Shield Diamond Ring
  • 1930s Shield Diamond Ring