Geez, I made a big stink about starting up this yoga sampler series, yet here we are two weeks later. In a move that mirrors my current level of laziness, my first yoga class I used from the Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town) was for the Bhaktishop (2500 SE 26th). It's by far my favorite studio in town, with a perfect blend of no-nonsense yoga practice and some things that prior to my move to Portland so many years ago I would have decried as woo-woo crockery, like chanting mantras at the top and bottom of each class, singing "om" in a my monotoned manner, and being enchanted by a floor accordion known as the harmonium. So yep, I was feeling lazy yesterday after a morning hill run, so I opted for the delightful night-time Restorative Lounge class taught by my favorite Bhaktishop yoga teacher Jeannie. This is the type of yoga class where you end up making yourself a fortifying nest of bolsters, blankets, blocks, and eye pillows and nearly falling asleep on the floor surrounded by drooling white people. There are also candles. And the Bhaktishop has cookies in the lobby. It's a lazy girl's nirvana. I was a mite concerned when the well-populated but laidback class was tainted by the appearance of an aggressive downward dogger, all butt waggling and heavy sighing, but she settled her ass down pretty quick. The rest of the class were in the restorative spirit, and there was plenty of nesting. It's a delightful class, in a warm and pretty space. I definitely recommend it... also COOKIES!

Next up: I head downtown. That is not a euphemism.