It happens to bands all the time, but it's not so often that an independent clothing label finds themselves having to change their name, but such is the recent case with Julia Barbee of Frocky Jack Morgan. After years of operating on a name that she borrowed, as I wrote back in the day, from "a soldier in WWI from North Carolina who, when he returned home began wearing housedresses (because Jesus wore a dress) and kept a goat as a constant companion." According to Barbee, "his family decided they didn't want his name used, and I'm trying to respect that."

Henceforth the line, which as Barbee points out is transitioning anyway, with her "elimination of deconstructed off-the-rack clothing, so that I can focus more completely on jewelry, accessories, and my performance/perfume practice," will be simply known as Julia Barbee. Make note.

In with the new: A recent belt design.
  • Julia Barbee
  • In with the new: A recent belt design.