I literally just got off the phone with Ms. Brown herself, which for me is a dream come true. As I mentioned in the first post about her upcoming visit, I have long admired Bobbi’s work and personal philosophies toward the beauty industry. Don’t forget to RSVP to her Master Makeup class where you can meet Bobbi and learn the tricks of the trade—click here for more details.

Mercury: It is often very rainy here in Portland; can you recommend some smudge proof ways to keep your makeup looking fresh even when you get caught without your umbrella?

BB: We make a lot of long-wear products; what’s important is that it stays on and looks smooth. The problem can be when the textures of products start to run and create fine lines that sometimes women don’t even have. I recommend our cream shadow, long-wear gel liner applied with a fine eyeliner brush and you’ll be set for two days if you don’t wash it off! It’s also important to remember mascara; our no smudge mascara is great especially if your face gets wet.

If you only have time to add one product between the office and happy hour, what would be your pick for the most current look?

BB: The most current trend I would recommend is a really bright neon lipstick. It’s been all over the fashion week runways, and the girls who work at the magazines. The thing is it should be for someone who is young and doesn’t require a lot of other products, because this trend can look a bit dated with a full face of makeup. For me, I like to put on some black gel liner before going out for the night.

Your skin is absolutely flawless, what are some of your favorite skincare tips?

BB: Well, I’m a fanatic about eating right and taking care of yourself. If you’re eating twinkies and smoking cigarettes it’s not going to help your skin. Eating veggies and drinking lots of water is important. For my skin, I like to layer moisturizers; I start with a hydrating cream and then put a richer balm over it.

Can you tell me more about the Pretty Powerful campaign?

BB: Pretty Powerful is basically as simple as it gets, I believe that all women are beautiful without makeup, but with the right products you can be Pretty Powerful. Any woman can enhance her beauty and be more confident if you take care of yourself.

I admire your ability to make women feel naturally beautiful and confident while embracing their individuality. What is one piece of advice you’d give to your 20-year old self?

BB: Be patient and open. Realize you are a work in progress; you won’t be fully cooked yet until your 50s. I’ve never felt better than in my 50s—you go though each decade and learn more about yourself.